It is far more difficult than we anticipated to study as an overseas student. There are various considerations to be considered, as well as some to avoid.As a result, to help you with this, we’ve compiled some recommendations today that will help you understand what common fallacies you should avoid as an international student. However, if you are looking for reputable USA study visa consultants in Ludhiana, we propose the IBT Institute. Let us now move on to the issue of the day.

Things to avoid if you are an international student

You Must Have Connections 

 The first myth about study visas holds that personal recommendations and contacts might make it easier for an applicant to get a study visa. Some people even attempt to exploit their power to speed up the visa application process. We hate to inform you, however, that none of this will work. Have you heard about the high-profile journalists and celebrities who have visited the United States? If their contacts were fruitful, they should be able to obtain the visa right away.

 It is entirely up to the immigration agents whether or not you will be given a visa, even if you have been admitted to Harvard University, widely considered the top educational institution in the world. In this case, your educational background or recommendations will serve you well and work in your favour. The legislation could not be changed by any other body with higher jurisdiction. As a result, you should not put your confidence in this urban legend.

You will Encounter some Rude Employees 

 Another common myth is that immigration officers are rude and inflexible. Because of this misconception, many students are becoming anxious about attending the interview. 

The visa officers’ purpose is to assess whether or not you are seeking to enter the United States legally. Why would somebody wish to dash someone else’s dreams and ambitions? Contrary to popular belief, consular employees at numerous embassies located around the nation do not aggressively seek reasons to refuse visa requests. Despite popular assumption to the contrary, this is the fact. After all, it is part of their duty to question you and get information from you. Read Also: DS-160

You do not meet the requirements for a visa 

The first urban legend we will debunk is the belief that acquiring a visa to enter overseas is only feasible for people who are highly brilliant and have great academic qualifications. The only field in which it may conceivably have an influence is the admissions process for schools and universities. There is a chance that a few colleges will opt to exclusively provide visas to students with outstanding academic records. Even if your grades are poor, you should be able to secure admission to a variety of colleges.

Your performance on the language exam for which you applied, as well as how effectively you drafted your statement of purpose, will all help you get into a famous college.Is there something to worry about if your academic achievement isn’t stellar? It will not be a substantial obstacle on your path to migrating to the United States or Canada. Simply concentrate on improving and expanding the other areas of the study visa. You will have no trouble obtaining the visa if you proceed in this manner. Finally, we propose the IBT Institute as the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana.


Among other things, we have included some of the most typical fallacies that individuals dread as foreign students.

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