A road trip by car is about elegantly experiencing the beauty of nature and spending a considerable amount of time inside the vehicle. The car interior, primarily being an enclosed surface, tends to emit unpleasant smells due to many factors. The most common factor is an unclean interior. This can be easily avoided by deep cleaning and ensuring a spotless car interior.

Compared to exterior car cleaning, interior cleaning can’t be done randomly with a pressure washer and quality car shampoo. One needs to provide attention to specific surfaces such as the dashboard, steering wheel, ac vent, console, and seats. Therefore a spotless interior cleaning of a vehicle requires more cleaning accessories than its exterior. 

While choosing interior cleaning accessories, one must ensure quality products designed for specific surfaces. For instance, using regular car cleaners to clean sophisticated leather seats might harm their finish. Similarly, using a regular foam sprayer on the windshield and the glass surface might be ineffective. Read below to learn about all the essential cleaning steps to make your vehicle trip ready. 

Tips To Ensure A Spotless Car Interior Before Your Next Trip:

Declutter Your Car Interior:

To start with deep cleaning, the first step that you need to engage in is decluttering your vehicle’s interior. Vehicle owners often leave food packets, wrappers, cans, and other trash inside the car after a trip. All these must be cleared to make the interior ready for vacuum cleaning. If you have installed a trash bin, remember to clear it before vacuuming. 

Vacuum All The Surfaces Thoroughly:

Once you have successfully decluttered the interior, you can easily use your car vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all surfaces thoroughly to remove stubborn dirt from every nook and cranny. Handel the vacuum carefully, as inappropriate handling might scratch the car paint. 

Clean The Surfaces That You Have Vacuumed:

Take a clean cloth and wipe off the surfaces that you have vacuumed. This will make the surfaces dirt-free. You can use a microfiber towel for this, as it captures dirt easily. Use a car cleaning brush with soft bristles to remove dust from creases, seat corners, air vents, dashboards, armrests, and various buttons and switches. 

Pay Special Attention to the Car Carpets:

Paying attention to the carpet is essential, as dirty carpet serves as a breeding ground for mould and mildew, leading to foul smell. If your carpet is removable, take them out and rinse them. Clean them using a carpet cleaning shampoo. If your carpet is not removable, vacuum it thoroughly and wipe the surface with a quality carpet cleaner. Make sure you dry the carpet before leaving your car in the garage. 

Clean The Leather Surfaces With Seat Cleaner:

The car seats are the most significant part of a car that comes to attention whenever someone enters the vehicle. Keeping the seat spot free would enhance the interior’s ambience and make it look sophisticated. Make sure you use a car seat cleaner to take care of the snake of your leather seats. 

Don’t Forget The Windows And The Windshield:

This is not necessarily a cleaning step but a step toward safety. A dirty windshield can obstruct a clear vision of the oncoming road from the inside. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that all the glass surfaces are spot-free. Use a car glass cleaner specially designed for glass surfaces inside the car. You can also steam-cleaning the glass surfaces to enhance the overall look of your vehicle. 

Clean The Jambs And Door Panels:

The door frames, window panels, handles, and jambs must be cleaned with the help of a sponge or wash mitt. Disregarding this step would not make your car deep cleaning successful. 

Spray Fresheners Or Install Car Fragrances:

As the car interior is usually enclosed, it gives rise to an unpleasant smell. Installing a car fragrance is the best way to eliminate this foul odour. A variety of car fragrances are available in the market, including oil wicks, vent sticks, sticky car gel, and oil diffuser aerosols, among many others. Choose one that seems convenient to you and experience freshness inside the car whenever you step in. 

 Final Thoughts:

By following all these tips carefully, you will be able to ensure a spotless car interior. However, in order to follow all these steps, you will require quality car accessories for interior cleaning. Carorbis offers you a convenient platform for various vehicle accessories at budget-friendly rates. Top brands manufacture all the products and provide a specific customer warranty period. 

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