Unlocking the Cambodia Visa Process for Romanian Citizens

Unlocking the Cambodia Visa Process for Romanian Citizens

For Romanian citizens drawn to the exotic allure of Cambodia’s ancient temples, bustling markets, and scenic landscapes, understanding the visa process is essential. Cambodia offers various visa options for tourists, including e-Visas and visas on arrival, facilitating entry for Romanian travelers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide valuable insights into the Cambodia visa process specifically tailored to Romanian citizens, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Understanding Visa Options:

Romanian citizens have two primary visa options for visiting Cambodia: the e-Visa and the visa on arrival. CAMBODIA VISA FOR ROMANIAN CITIZENS The e-Visa allows travelers to apply online before their trip, while the visa on arrival can be obtained upon arrival at select entry points in Cambodia.

E-Visa Application Process:

For Romanian citizens opting for the e-Visa, the application process is straightforward. They can apply through the official website of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The application requires personal details, passport information, travel itinerary, and a digital passport photo. After completing the online application and paying the visa fee (typically $30 to $36 USD), Romanian travelers will receive their e-Visa via email within a few business days.

Visa on Arrival:

Alternatively, Romanian citizens can choose to obtain a visa on arrival at designated entry points in Cambodia, such as international airports and major land border crossings. Upon arrival, they need to fill out a visa application form, submit a passport-sized photograph, and pay the visa fee in US dollars (typically $30 USD for a tourist visa). It’s essential to have the exact amount in USD as change may not always be available.

Visa Extension:

For Romanian travelers planning an extended stay in Cambodia, it’s possible to apply for a visa extension through the Cambodia Immigration Department. Extensions are typically granted for 30 days and require submitting an application form, passport photos, and payment of the extension fee.

Important Considerations:

Before traveling to Cambodia, Romanian citizens should ensure their passport has a validity of at least six months beyond the intended date of departure from Cambodia. CAMBODIA VISA FOR RUSSIAN CITIZENS Additionally, it’s advisable to carry a printed copy of the e-Visa approval letter or visa on arrival to present to Cambodian immigration authorities upon entry.


Navigating the Cambodia visa process for Romanian citizens is relatively straightforward, thanks to the availability of e-Visas and visas on arrival. By understanding the visa options, adhering to the application procedures, and ensuring compliance with entry requirements, Romanian travelers can embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the wonders of Cambodia, from the majestic Angkor Wat to the tranquil Tonle Sap Lake, with ease and confidence.

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